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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Christmas Concerns? Advice from an Expert

<a href="/blogs/2013/12/17/christmas-concerns-advice-from-an-expert">Christmas Concerns? Advice from an Expert</a>

Gifts, Santa, and family time. While most children are thrilled by the approach of Christmas, some parents have mixed feelings. Dr Marc de Rosnay*, from the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology, talks you through some possible concerns you might have about your children: Read full article

My Son Doesn't Want Surprise Gifts This Christmas

<a href="/blogs/sarahliebetrau/2012/11/27/my-son-doesnt-want-surprise-gifts-this-christmas">My Son Doesn&#039;t Want Surprise Gifts This Christmas</a>

This year, there will be no surprises at Christmas time for my six year old son. No, he hasn’t been a ‘naughty boy’ and therefore undeserving of Santa’s generosity. The reason my son will have no surprises is that he will choose all of his presents and be with us when we buy them, in November. They will then be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. Read full article

How to Give Good at Christmas - my Personal Recommendation

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2012/11/15/how-to-give-good-at-christmas-my-personal-recommendation">How to Give Good at Christmas - my Personal Recommendation</a>

It's my absolute pleasure to recommend you consider a UNICEF gift this Christmas. A gift that helps a vulnerable child seems a beautiful way to celebrate families getting together during the Chirstmas holiday season. And I love the name for this initiative: Give Good gifts. UNICEF gifts are delivered to the children who need it most. The gifts include polio vaccines, nutritional health supplements, educational tools, baby weigh scales, water pumps, bicycles for UNICEF field and community workers, emergency shelter and vital community infrastructure. Read full article

Chrismukkah - Blending Family Celebrations during Christmas and Chanukah

<a href="/blogs/sharonberton/2011/12/24/chrismukkah-blending-family-celebrations-during-christmas-and-chanukah">Chrismukkah - Blending Family Celebrations during Christmas and Chanukah</a>

Merry Chrismukkah: Jewish Christmas- kind of ... There’s a good reason Americans wish each other Happy Holidays - it’s very inclusive. In Australia, we generally wish people a Merry Christmas regardless of what it is they might or might not be celebrating. There are various cultural festivals on at this time of year, as well as hybrids. Take Chrismukkah, for example; this being the blending of Christmas and Chanukah for interfaith Christian/Jewish families. Read full article

The Magical World of Believing in Santa

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/12/19/the-magical-world-of-believing-in-santa">The Magical World of Believing in Santa</a>

I have just come off a phone call with a close friend who I have known since primary school – after all these years, she revealed to me today that she has a direct line to Santa. Well, her ten year old girl has apparently confirmed this, having noticed that Father Christmas never leaves her any presents under the tree that her parents don’t want her to have ... Read full article

Christmas in Summer - a Perfect Time to Enjoy Doing Nothing with Your Family

<a href="/blogs/carowebster/2011/12/06/christmas-in-summer-a-perfect-time-to-enjoy-doing-nothing-with-your-fam">Christmas in Summer - a Perfect Time to Enjoy Doing Nothing with Your Family</a>

In Australia, for many, December means celebrating Christmas, hot days, gifts, reconnection and relaxation, family, more hot days and approximately nine weeks of school holidays. We’re a month into summer and the heat can be oppressive. If you’re lucky and have access to a pool, beach or outback dam, the summer break invariably means much time spent cooling off in the water, perfecting the ultimate ‘bomb’ or dive, hunting for sea creatures in the sparkling depths of rockpools and seaweed forests, or catching yabbies in a muddy dam using nothing other than a bit of string and some pongy meat. Read full article

My Children's Hearts - the Good, the Not So Good and the Resilient

<a href="/blogs/carolduncan/2011/01/21/my-childrens-hearts-the-good-the-not-so-good-and-the-resilient">My Children&#039;s Hearts - the Good, the Not So Good and the Resilient</a>

...Finding out that BOTH of my lovely boys have a heart issue was an awful shock. I confess I had a couple of rough days with it but we have seen our cardiologist now and know where we stand ... This is what I know. We are resilient. All of us. My little family. My kids. You and your kids. All the people in Queensland whose lives have been turned upside down and inside out by the recent floods. Sometimes things happen to us that we've never imagined. Things both good and bad. We lose loved ones, we gain new people to love. And who love us ... Read full article

Children in Detention on Christmas Island - Christmas Update

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2010/12/23/children-in-detention-on-christmas-island-christmas-update">Children in Detention on Christmas Island - Christmas Update</a>

Earlier this week I wrote a blogpost about the news that children are being held in detention on Christmas Island. There were a few questions that were unanswered so we researched the facts for you including contact with the Department of Immigration. One surprising fact stands out - as at 22 December there are more than 465 unaccompanied minors being held in immigration detention in Australia. Read full article

Our Family Christmas Traditions

<a href="/blogs/annieb25/2010/12/17/our-family-christmas-traditions">Our Family Christmas Traditions</a>

It’s Christmas time again and this year it seems to have caught me by surprise. I know we have had the same number of days in the year as in all previous years, but for some reason I’m not yet in the Christmassy spirit. Putting up the tree and decorating the house would normally have put me in the mood, however this year I can’t even find the momentum to get the tree out of the cellar ... Read full article

Christmas and Families - What if You're Just Not Into It?

<a href="/blogs/sallycollings/2010/12/13/christmas-and-families-what-if-youre-just-not-into-it">Christmas and Families - What if You&#039;re Just Not Into It?</a>

You might have noticed a few changes around your local area. Shopping centres draped in tinsel, supermarket aisles crammed with chocolate Santas, carols being sung in the park, the odd school concert featuring songs about reindeer … ringing any bells? ... Forget about whether your kids believe in Santa Claus. What about parents who are just not that into Christmas? Read full article