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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Teaching a Child to Lose Gracefully - Winning

<a href="/blogs/sarahliebetrau/2011/04/18/teaching-a-child-to-lose-gracefully-winning">Teaching a Child to Lose Gracefully - Winning</a>

Recently I took my five-year-old son to play his second-ever game of ten pin bowling. At one point in the game, I got two strikes in a row. This displeased my son greatly, so he downed tools and went on strike. “I’m not playing any more!” he declared. “You’ve had two strikes and I’ve had none! It’s not fair. I’m only five, and you’re a grown-up. You’re supposed to take it easy.” Read full article

Letting a Child Follow His Dreams

<a href="/blogs/benisonoreilly/2011/04/14/letting-a-child-follow-his-dreams">Letting a Child Follow His Dreams</a>

My eldest son was born seventeen years ago. In the time-honoured principle of new mothers, I thought him the most attractive, charming and gifted baby in the entire world. When it came to the last of these I may have had more claim than most. On his first birthday I took M to the early childhood centre for a developmental check. The nurse handed him a shape sorter with four different shaped blocks, which he promptly slotted into their respective slots without faltering: one, two, three, four. Read full article

Why Do People Have Children? Ask the Wright Brothers.

<a href="/articles/why-do-people-have-children-ask-the-wright-brothers">Why Do People Have Children? Ask the Wright Brothers.</a>

Why do people have kids? Got a mental block? Feel a cliché coming on? Having trouble articulating your feelings? Welcome to my conundrum. I’m a mum and happy to be one but, biological imperative aside, I don’t believe that being a parent is the holy grail of humanity. In fact, I often find myself feeling rather disgruntled on behalf of the child-free minority. People without kids are so often expected to justify their choice and yet no-one asks the procreating majority to state their case. It’s the question that keeps me up at night; the question no-one seems to ask: In a world of multiple reproductive choices, why do people have children at all? Read full article

Yvette asks Kerri Sackville Why Her Husband Does the Dishes

Seated on the floor in the aisle of a Newtown bookstore, Yvette Vignando conducted this probing interview with Kerri Sackville about her new book "When My Husband Does the Dishes ..." It had to be probing because Yvette has not yet read the book - Kerri revealed enough to tantalise her readers, and Yvette. Read full article

When My Husband Does the Dishes ...

<a href="/parenting-resources/parenting-style/when-my-husband-does-the-dishes">When My Husband Does the Dishes ...</a>

When My Husband Does the Dishes . . . is about love in real life. It's about what marriage looks like after three children and 150 years of togetherness. It's about little white lies and boxer shorts on the floor and eating frankfurts for dinner every night. "It's my life" says author Kerri Sackville. "And I suspect it could be yours too." It is part memoir, part faux guide to marriage and motherhood and a must read for all women. It is accurate, clever and very, very funny. Read full article

"Yes You Did Make Me Feel Like a Second Rate Mum" - Jackie O

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/04/04/yes-you-did-make-me-feel-like-a-second-rate-mum-jackie-o">&quot;Yes You Did Make Me Feel Like a Second Rate Mum&quot; - Jackie O</a>

Jackie O, 2 Day FM radio announcer, tearily addressed comments made by Pru Goward, NSW Community Services Minister and said "Yes you did make me feel like a second rate mum". A Sunday Telegraph article on 3 April 2011 reported that Ms Goward juxtaposed Michael Jackson's dangling of his baby out of a window with Jackie O bottle feeding her baby while crossing a road. Reportedly Ms Goward commented that this is "cavalier" behaviour and "endangering" the baby. The issue for me is that one of our elected policitians who holds the policy-making "keys" to many NSW women and families' futures has expressed her unusual view in such an offensive and frankly ridiculous way. Read full article

I Have No Parenting Advice to Offer

<a href="/blogs/kerrisackville/2011/03/31/i-have-no-parenting-advice-to-offer">I Have No Parenting Advice to Offer</a>

Before you invest too much time reading this post, let me warn you: I don’t have any parenting advice to offer. I may have been a mother for nearly twelve years, but I feel as equipped to counsel you about parenting techniques as I am to reflect on quantum physics or Pythagorean theory (and as my family will confirm, my knowledge of these areas is very limited indeed). I find parenting my three children the hardest, most perplexing job in the world and I am constantly worried that I am not very good at it. Read full article

So Which Mother Are You?

<a href="/blogs/kirsty-rice/2011/03/30/so-which-mother-are-you">So Which Mother Are You?</a>

Arrive at any school concert and you can pick the stereotypical Mums from the crowd. There's the heavily involved school Mum, showing people where to sit or helping out behind the scenes. There's gym Mum, dressed in lycra, ready to recite her latest half marathon stats. Working Mum arrives just in time, Blackberry in one hand, guilt in the other. Stay at home and work from home Mum are comfortably dressed, they have their own guilt, they're trying not to make eye contact with heavily involved school Mum. As different as they all appear, they all share a common goal, trying to find the balance between happy child and happy mother. Read full article

Just Like My House, I'm Perfect - Aren't You?

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/03/28/just-like-my-house-im-perfect-arent-you">Just Like My House, I&#039;m Perfect - Aren&#039;t You?</a>

I spent half an hour in front of the television this morning before starting work. I should have been putting away the folded washing or wiping down the kitchen benches or picking up the shirt label that was dropped on the lounge room floor by Mr 15 when he opened his new shirt … 2 weeks ago. If I knew you were coming over for coffee this morning, I would have put away, wiped and picked up, and I would have emptied the dish drainer and swept the front hallway and maybe even vacuumed the stairs. I would have baked you a cake and I would have remembered to open the window in the dining room to let some fresh air flow through the house. Why? Read full article

Playing Favourites - 1 in 6 Parents Say They Love One Child More

On 23 March 2011 Yvette Vignando appeared on The Morning Show and discussed a blogger's revelation that she loves one child a bit more. 1 in 6 parents admit to this feeling. 69% of people say they feel that there is a favourite child in their family. Read full article