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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Best Laughter Ever - Baby Laughing Hysterically

One of the most smile-inducing videos I have seen. We all love the sound of our own baby laughing at our jokes. Someone mentioned this to me on Twitter tonight and it reminded me of this fabulous video of a Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper. Honestly, you should bookmark this for when you need to be put in a good mood, it's wonderful. Read full article

Stephane Pois, a Gourmet Pied Piper Inspiring Children

<a href="/blogs/carolduncan/2011/05/30/stephane-pois-a-gourmet-pied-piper-inspiring-children">Stephane Pois, a Gourmet Pied Piper Inspiring Children</a>

Today I saw something wonderful. And unexpected. My kids know about real food. Fresh food. They don't think cakes come from packet mix because Mum says if you're going to have chocolate cake, have a real one. They know how to make dumplings. They've had chooks in their backyard (and will have them again when I build a proper pen ... long story) ... Today at the farmers' market we met Stephane Pois. Read full article

Will this Pen Licence Be Valid in High School?

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/05/27/will-this-pen-licence-be-valid-in-high-school">Will this Pen Licence Be Valid in High School?</a>

For the last three weeks Mr 9 has had something on his mind. He wants a licence. Not a driver's licence, nor the pilot's licence that one of his big brothers is craving, but a 'pen licence'. At his primary school, a "pen licence" is permission from the teacher to use a pen in his school books; this sought-after privilege is granted to children who've been using pencil for three or four years but have developed their handwriting skills to the level required by their classroom teacher. Read full article

Early Wakeup Calls with Kids

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/05/13/early-wakeup-calls-with-kids">Early Wakeup Calls with Kids</a>

I was up at 5.40 am today to wake our 13 year old - we wanted to see the planetary alignment of Mercury Venus, Jupiter and Mars. The next alignment like this will not be until 2056, and not being confident I'd be around then to see it with my future 58 year old son I thought it was worth it! Needless to say, we gazed at it for 5 minutes and then Mr 13 went back to bed, but happy. What crazy things have you got up for with your kids? Tell me here? Read full article

Emotional Literacy Belongs in Schools Too

<a href="/articles/emotional-literacy-belongs-in-schools-too">Emotional Literacy Belongs in Schools Too</a>

There are many examples of individual schools in the United States, the UK and even in Australia, that deliver emotional intelligence curriculum to students simply because they have been fortunate enough to have the human and financial resources (and sometimes support from a University). This video example (is a) reminder of how and why a school uses emotional literacy to improve educational outcomes and the school environment. Read full article

3 Questions Answered about Parenting with Soul

Yvette Vignando asked Sally Collings about how to get the most out of the boring parts of parenting, why children are like gurus and how to stop feeling so busy and get more connected with what we are doing. In this short video Sally shares some pearls of parenting wisdom that will refresh your day with your child. Read full article

Love Wisdom Motherhood - Conversations with Inspiring Women

<a href="/parenting-resources/parenting-style/love-wisdom-motherhood-conversations-with-inspiring-women">Love Wisdom Motherhood - Conversations with Inspiring Women</a>

Jessica Rowe, broadcaster, writer and mother, interviews eleven women about what it means to be a mother. Jessica Rowe reveals the obstacles encountered along the way, the joys, heartache, myths and realities. The conversations are very honest and feature women such as Elizabeth Broderick, Lisa McCune, Wendy Harmer, Tina Arena, Maggie Tabberer and Gail Kelly. An inspirational and reassuring book for mothers. Read full article

Parenting With Soul

<a href="/parenting-resources/parenting-style/parenting-with-soul">Parenting With Soul</a>

For parents looking for more soul in their life and wanting to enjoy an active inner life while wrangling kids, nappies, crayons and odd socks. Sally Collings writes about making spirituality a party of a family's everyday life - turning things we do daily into opportunities to practise mindfulness, gratitude, love and generosity. Sharing an eclectic blend of practices from some of the world's great faith traditions. Read full article

Helping Your Baby to Sleep

<a href="/parenting-resources/happy-children/helping-your-baby-to-sleep">Helping Your Baby to Sleep</a>

This book is about responsive parenting. It is about how babies thrive when parents are sensitive to their needs - during the day and the night. It looks at baby sleep and shows that babies wake up at night and need help to settle for many good reasons, as frustrating as this may be to their parents. Read full article

Breaking: Oranges and Textas Save Family Dinnertime

<a href="/blogs/michelle-higgins/2011/03/18/breaking-oranges-and-textas-save-family-dinnertime">Breaking: Oranges and Textas Save Family Dinnertime</a>

While according to author Janette Winterson’s novel "Oranges are not the only fruit", on one recent crisis-laden evening, oranges were all that stood between my family and a complete meltdown. It was three weeks into my two-month period of experimental single parenting, undertaken while simultaneously packing up a house, getting it ready for sale and preparing to move our family overseas. To put it mildly, the stress levels were high and on that particular afternoon the temperature was rising, fast. Read full article