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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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A Visit to a Farmers' Market is Part of our Family Life

<a href="/blogs/louisebassett/2011/09/08/a-visit-to-a-farmers-market-is-part-of-our-family-life">A Visit to a Farmers&#039; Market is Part of our Family Life</a>

Food has been on my mind lately. When is it not? Some would say I am quite obsessed by it. Sometimes I have been thinking about feeding my child. I didn't completely understand the amount of time and energy that would be put in, usually by me, to plan, cook and arrange, meals for my child. Not always by me. Every morning, Benedict's porridge is served by his daddy. It's their time, breakfast. It is a two-fold joy. Usually, it is a smooth, easy time ... The other thing I am thinking a lot about, is where our food comes from. Nearly everything fresh, that comes into this house, is from somewhere nearby that I could go to if I wanted to, to see where it is made. Read full article

Emmanuel Kelly on the X Factor - Must See Inspiration for all Children

If there is only one video you take the time to watch with your children this week, please let it be this one. Arun Abey who occasionally blogs for this site, shared this video with me today. it features the moving and gorgeous singing performance of Emmanuel Kelly on the Australian X Factor - rescued from an Iraqi orphanage with his brother, Emmanuel and his family demonstrate love, compassion, determination and everything that is good about humanity. I promise you will want to show this video to your children. Read full article

Best Australian Playgrounds - Danks Street and Plum Garland Memorial Park

<a href="/articles/best-australian-playgrounds-danks-street-and-plum-garland-memorial-park">Best Australian Playgrounds - Danks Street and Plum Garland Memorial Park</a>

This is a fantastic outing with the kids on a sunny day. Start out on Victoria Avenue picking up supplies at the IGA or grabbing a coffee from one of the cafes near Danks Street. Then head to the Danks St/Victoria Avenue playground where you can relax or catch up with friends whilst the kids explore the toddler-friendly playspaces and equipment including a birds nest swing ... Read full article

Happiness Comes in Small Packages with a Lizard

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/08/22/happiness-comes-in-small-packages-with-a-lizard">Happiness Comes in Small Packages with a Lizard</a>

Possibly the shortest blog post I have ever written. I just had to share this picture of a two dollar item that our nine year old was coveting a few weeks ago. A gecko (lizard) in a tyre, holding a flower. What more could you want? Read full article

Want Less - Freedom for Children and Parents

<a href="/blogs/sallycollings/2011/07/15/want-less-freedom-for-children-and-parents">Want Less - Freedom for Children and Parents</a>

I went to the supermarket the other week with two kids in tow. Mostly I try to do the grocery shopping by myself. Not just because I don’t want to manage toilet breaks, hunger pangs and trolley rage – yes, that’s the kids I’m talking about, not me – but because I really quite enjoy supermarkets. I get a kick out of doing per-gram price comparisons, and speculating whether the tin with the redder tomatoes on the label is really likely to deliver the goods. Tragic, I know. Read full article

Five Ways to Become Happier - Share with Your Kids

Tal Ben Shahar, expert on positive psychology and best selling author of Happier and Being Happy shares 5 simple but powerful ideas in this quick video about ways to be happier right now. These ideas can be shared with your children and also included in your everyday parenting approaches. Inspiring. Read full article

Time Affluence for Children - a Cure for Affluenza

Preparing for this segment on The Morning Show, I looked up one of my favourite researchers and writers on happiness, Tal Ben Shahar. Ben Shahar has many strings to his bow including teaching Positive Psychology at Harvard and author of best seller books "Happier" and "Being Happy"....Tal Ben Shahar and his colleagues frequently cite the single biggest predictor of happiness as 'Time Affluence' - this is really having time to do things that are important to you and meaningful for you ... Read full article

Four Spoonfuls' of Sugar for Mary Poppins Sydney

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/06/08/four-spoonfuls-of-sugar-for-mary-poppins-sydney">Four Spoonfuls&#039; of Sugar for Mary Poppins Sydney</a>

Review Mary Poppins Musical in Sydney: I remember vividly the first musical I attended as a child. It was Annie, in 1978, and I went with my grandma. What I most remember was being in awe that a little girl like me could be on stage singing in such an amazing voice and that she could remember all the lines - I so wanted to be that girl. Fast forward to 2011, and I went to see a preview performance of Disney's Mary Poppins in Sydney, this time taking our 9 year old son Read full article

Edie Amelia and the Monkey Shoe Mystery

<a href="/parenting-resources/happy-children/edie-amelia-and-the-monkey-shoe-mystery">Edie Amelia and the Monkey Shoe Mystery</a>

While checking that her party outfit for her ninth birthday is in order, Edie Amelia Sparks discovers that one of her most treasured possessions - a red monkey shoe with a crimson tassel on the toe - is missing. With the help of her unusual dog Mr Pants, and her arch nemesis/best friend Cheesy Chompster, Edie Amelia sets out to solve the mystery of the missing shoe. A fantastically imaginative story from the well-known actor turned author and columnist, Sophie Lee. Read full article

Edie Amelia and the Runcible River Fever

<a href="/parenting-resources/happy-children/edie-amelia-and-the-runcible-river-fever">Edie Amelia and the Runcible River Fever</a>

A mysterious illness with very strange symptoms is spreading through Runcible, throwing the townsfolk into a panic. Edie Amelia Sparks, nine-year-old detective extraordinaire, sets out to investigate. Together with her new best friend Cheesy Chompster and Mr Pants, her French bulldog, Edie begins the hunt for a cure. The adventurers encounter some rather unusual things along the way, including: a flan-eating dog people in colourful jumpsuits a dastardly theft a motorised pram some very distressed alpacas and a solution that's right before their eyes Read full article