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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Are Your Children Over-Scheduled?

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2013/08/28/are-your-children-over-scheduled">Are Your Children Over-Scheduled?</a>

Do you feel stressed keeping up with your children's after-school activities? Is there a chance they might be "over-scheduled"? A quick video to make parents consider whether their kids have too many commitments outside school. And there's no connection between a child's 'success' and the number of these activities. Read full article

Helicopter Parenting - Why Is It Still the Mother's Fault?

<a href="/blogs/2012/12/14/helicopter-parenting-why-is-it-still-the-mothers-fault">Helicopter Parenting - Why Is It Still the Mother&#039;s Fault?</a>

I live in a small town way out in the country where – it’s true – debates about helicopter parenting are pretty rare. Here packs of sunburned kids ride helmetless around our winding roads, the wind blowing through their sweaty hair, the sun reflecting off their freckled faces...When Catherine Deveny decries helicopter parents and all their associated neuroses, she avoids the very persistent reality for many mothers: that of an oppressive sense of responsibility. Read full article

Why Don't Your Children Play Outside?

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2012/09/04/why-dont-your-children-play-outside">Why Don&#039;t Your Children Play Outside?</a>

Do you find it difficult to get your children to go outside and play? Are they reluctant or has your lifestyle simply led to them spending more time indoors anyway? And what do you think is causing this? Last week school principals from public, Catholic and independent schools supported the release of "active" diaries by Nature Play WA suggesting that half an hour of outdoor play every day for primary school-aged children. Read full article

Caine's Arcade - Imagination, Inspiration, Cardboard and a Boy

Thanks to happychild blogger Carol Duncan for leading us to this wonderful 10 minute video about a nine year old boy, Caine, who built a games arcade out of cardboard boxes. He gets a huge surprise when an adult arranges, via social media, for a lot of eager customers. A fun and inspiring ten minutes for adults and children about play, creativity, vision and social media. Read full article

Why Unstructured Play is Important for Your Child

<a href="/articles/why-unstructured-play-is-important-for-your-child-0">Why Unstructured Play is Important for Your Child</a>

Unstructured, unsupervised fun could be more beneficial for your child's future than you realise. Parents are feeling they need to provide an array of structured and adult-directed activities to raise smarter children...but it is also backfiring as children are not being given the freedom to develop their own interests and creativity. Read full article

Best Australian Playgrounds - Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone SA

<a href="/articles/best-australian-playgrounds-foxfield-reserve-athelstone-sa">Best Australian Playgrounds - Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone SA</a>

Situated amongst mature gums with plenty of shade, Foxfield Reserve is a beautiful spot for a children’s playground.The Reserve is at the base of Blackhill and its conservation park - it is a combined area which provides a tennis court, an oval, a creek, a scout hall, toilets, walking trails as well as a gorgeous adventure playground. Read full article

Can a Children's Playground Really Be Too Safe?

Some researchers have suggested that the very safe playgrounds of today are depriving children of the opportunity to challenge themselves - they say a playground is a place where children can encounter and learn to overcome fears. Yvette Vignando debates this idea with psychologist Michael Carr Gregg on The Morning Show, Channel 7 - Michael bemoans the "woosification" of children. Read full article

Playground Safety and Design - Taking the Heat off Parents?

<a href="/articles/playground-safety-and-design-taking-the-heat-off-parents">Playground Safety and Design - Taking the Heat off Parents?</a>

Are safe playgrounds depriving our children of important emotional development opportunities? By making playgrounds safer and reducing physical risk, are we increasing the risk that children will be more anxious and deprived of chances to master their physical world? The value of a safety-first playground was recently questioned in the New York Times - “Can a Playground be Too Safe?”. The writer referred to comments by Norwegian psychologist, Professor Ellen Sandseter who said that it is best for children to encounter certain physical challenges from an early age so that they learn to master them through play. Read full article

Breaking: Oranges and Textas Save Family Dinnertime

<a href="/blogs/michelle-higgins/2011/03/18/breaking-oranges-and-textas-save-family-dinnertime">Breaking: Oranges and Textas Save Family Dinnertime</a>

While according to author Janette Winterson’s novel "Oranges are not the only fruit", on one recent crisis-laden evening, oranges were all that stood between my family and a complete meltdown. It was three weeks into my two-month period of experimental single parenting, undertaken while simultaneously packing up a house, getting it ready for sale and preparing to move our family overseas. To put it mildly, the stress levels were high and on that particular afternoon the temperature was rising, fast. Read full article

Doing Stuff With Your Kids - And Leaving the Washing Behind

<a href="/blogs/carolduncan/2011/03/02/doing-stuff-with-your-kids-and-leaving-the-washing-behind">Doing Stuff With Your Kids - And Leaving the Washing Behind</a>

My friend, Barney, recently commented on my Facebook page, “Gee you get about!” He was commenting on a photograph of the kids on our most recent weekend away. I admit it had been a busy week. I’d done an overnighter to Sydney for an early morning meeting at the ABC’s head office in Ultimo, I had moderated a business forum thing back home in Newcastle .. and a few other odds and sods on top of doing my daily radio show. Nothing particularly unusual for a week in the life of me. Read full article