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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Are We Having Fun Yet? Outings with Children.

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/07/25/are-we-having-fun-yet-outings-with-children">Are We Having Fun Yet? Outings with Children.</a>

Ever planned a fun day out with the children and then had your plans go out the window? I can think of two recent examples not quite meeting the idyllic family outing I had in mind. In hindsight, I am laughing and I’m still glad we forged ahead despite whingeing and helpful critiquing from the teenagers in the back of the car. We have three boys, now aged 15,13 and 9 - so you can probably imagine it’s a challenge to plan a family outing that meets everyone’s taste and criteria. Read full article

A Family is Where Love is Abundant

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/06/20/a-family-is-where-love-is-abundant">A Family is Where Love is Abundant</a>

Sitting in her New York apartment being interviewed by a New York Times journalist, Gabrielle Einhorn says that for her, a family means abundance, commitment, and the intimacy that comes from a shared history. Her child, Griffin, was conceived by an IVF sperm donation from a very close friend of hers; Griffin’s biological father’s name is George Russell and he is gay. Mr Russell has his own partner, David Nimmons. On Sundays all four of them have dinner together, and Mr Russell stays over a few nights each week to spend time with Griffin. At this point, most readers will be starting to make judgements about Griffin’s family. Is this the right thing for Griffin? Is it ideal for families to be formed in this way? Read full article

Remarriage with Children - Creating Good Beginnings

<a href="/blogs/cathycorcoran/2011/06/01/remarriage-with-children-creating-good-beginnings">Remarriage with Children - Creating Good Beginnings</a>

There are pictures of young Amy on the wall and her name is spoken of lovingly; the scene painted sounds like a beautiful family. There are also wedding photos of a couple together. None of them include Amy. The man is Amy’s dad, Daniel; the woman is her dad's fiancee. And this situation has my mind ticking. Australian statistics indicate that for every marriage recorded, 1 in 3 are re-marriages.Of these re-marriages it has been found that nearly half included children under the age of 16 from previous marriages. Read full article

Early Wakeup Calls with Kids

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/05/13/early-wakeup-calls-with-kids">Early Wakeup Calls with Kids</a>

I was up at 5.40 am today to wake our 13 year old - we wanted to see the planetary alignment of Mercury Venus, Jupiter and Mars. The next alignment like this will not be until 2056, and not being confident I'd be around then to see it with my future 58 year old son I thought it was worth it! Needless to say, we gazed at it for 5 minutes and then Mr 13 went back to bed, but happy. What crazy things have you got up for with your kids? Tell me here? Read full article

3 Questions Answered about Parenting with Soul

Yvette Vignando asked Sally Collings about how to get the most out of the boring parts of parenting, why children are like gurus and how to stop feeling so busy and get more connected with what we are doing. In this short video Sally shares some pearls of parenting wisdom that will refresh your day with your child. Read full article

Parenting With Soul

<a href="/parenting-resources/parenting-style/parenting-with-soul">Parenting With Soul</a>

For parents looking for more soul in their life and wanting to enjoy an active inner life while wrangling kids, nappies, crayons and odd socks. Sally Collings writes about making spirituality a party of a family's everyday life - turning things we do daily into opportunities to practise mindfulness, gratitude, love and generosity. Sharing an eclectic blend of practices from some of the world's great faith traditions. Read full article

Life Gets Busy with Kids and Work - I Do My Best

<a href="/blogs/biancawordley/2011/04/28/life-gets-busy-with-kids-and-work-i-do-my-best">Life Gets Busy with Kids and Work - I Do My Best</a>

I have been thinking a lot about parenting lately. Well, to be honest I was sitting on the toilet and one of my girls walked by and for the first time in ages I took the time to look at her properly. She looks so tall now and is growing into a young girl. Her long limbs and flowing blonde hair is an indication of things to come. I’m not sure when she changed from toddler to girl. Had I not noticed the transformation? Have I been too busy? Have I been an absent mother? It’s funny how the idea of parenthood hits you at the strangest times. Read full article

Why Do People Have Children? Ask the Wright Brothers.

<a href="/articles/why-do-people-have-children-ask-the-wright-brothers">Why Do People Have Children? Ask the Wright Brothers.</a>

Why do people have kids? Got a mental block? Feel a cliché coming on? Having trouble articulating your feelings? Welcome to my conundrum. I’m a mum and happy to be one but, biological imperative aside, I don’t believe that being a parent is the holy grail of humanity. In fact, I often find myself feeling rather disgruntled on behalf of the child-free minority. People without kids are so often expected to justify their choice and yet no-one asks the procreating majority to state their case. It’s the question that keeps me up at night; the question no-one seems to ask: In a world of multiple reproductive choices, why do people have children at all? Read full article

Parent Bloggers - How Much Do You Share of Your Children's Lives?

On Channel 7's The Morning Show 3rd march 2011, Yvette Vignando shared her views on the actions of some parents who have published online video or photos of themselves disciplining their children. Some of the stories are quite disturbing. View Yvette talking about the limits of what mum bloggers and dad bloggers share online in this video post. View The Morning Show segment. Read full article

Wednesday 19 January 2011 Latest Parenting and Education News

<a href="/blogs/yvettevignando/2011/01/19/wednesday-19-january-2011-latest-parenting-and-education-news">Wednesday 19 January 2011 Latest Parenting and Education News</a>

Wednesday 19 January 2011 - Links to Latest Parenting and Education news: Bullying and Facebook ~ Surrogacy, Nicole Kidman ~ Friendship and Genetics ~ Obsessive Parenting ~ Queensland Schools After Floods ~ Attachment, Early Relationships & Happiness ~ Citizenship Education ~ Mathematics Education ~ Teenage Bullying and Suicide Read full article