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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Proudly Supporting

Michelle's Top Internet Finds

By Michelle Higgins - 4th December 2013

Here is this week's best-of-the-best child and parenting articles found on the internet, selected by happychild contributor, Michelle Higgins. This week, topics include motherhood, education, literacy, and talking to children about sex education.

Michelle's Top Internet Finds

By Michelle Higgins - 27th November 2013

Welcome to my new weekly column where I present an eclectic mix of articles from around the globe on all things related to children and parenting. This week, topics include pregnancy and childbirth, media effects on children, special needs, and education.

Free Range Parenting - Lucky To Have the Choice

By Michelle Higgins - 18th September 2013

Jennifer Finney Boylan writes "We want to shield our children, but it's the worst thing we can do." She talks about her son's exchange trip in his senior year to Cape Town, of allowing him to bungee jump and sky dive, and knowing that in allowing our children to take calculated risks we build resilience, "the courage they need when those perils arise." We need to be mindful that when we grapple with how to provide our kids with opportunities to experience calculated risk ... what we are often talking about is less a problem than a product of our privilege.

Shaming Teen Mums is a Bad Idea

By Michelle Higgins - 19th March 2013

What if instead of deciding to shame teenagers out of 'choosing' to become parents with a questionable 'public health' campaign, New York City instead focused their efforts on ending the 'epidemic' of advanced age motherhood? Imagine the outrage.

Confidence is Not Everything - Encouraging My Child

By Michelle Higgins - 17th September 2012

My daughter had an audition for a local youth orchestra and, not surprisingly, she was nervous. "You are playing your pieces beautifully," I told her after a particularly trying practice that ended in hot angry tears. No I'm not. I sound terrible." Yes she was looking for reassurance but it was more than that.

The Night the POTUS Dined in Our Neighborhood

By Michelle Higgins - 25th May 2012

Last night, after an epic afternoon of activities followed by an Open House at my oldest child’s middle school, we headed downtown for dinner ...Driving home from dinner I noticed an unusual number of police vehicles lining the main street. And then I remembered that President Obama was in town. Earlier in the day my big boy had begged me to take him to see Obama, not understanding that he was here to raise campaign funds not discuss policy issues with an enthusiastic 12-year-old.

Short Lesson in Positive Psychology for my Son Delivered via Telephone

By Michelle Higgins - 23rd December 2011

Last night my oldest child had a crisis of confidence. In fact, the crisis began at pick-up and continued well into the evening. The source of his misery was an English paper that he just could not wrap his head around. A paper that was due the next day, the last day of the school term, the day we were flying home and the last thing any of us wanted to focus on was homework.

Australian Family Does Halloween - Wonderful Haunting Memories

By Michelle Higgins - 3rd November 2011

Halloween - and the excitement levels in our house were reaching fever pitch. My oldest child had waited seven long years to again experience the wonder that is an American Halloween. And on October 31st 2011, any feeling of homesickness was swept aside because on this particular day there was nowhere else in the world we would rather be ... The absolute highlight of the night was the Haunted House ...

Are Parents to Blame for Helicopter Parenting?

By Michelle Higgins - 17th October 2011

According to current popular discourse, modern day parents fall into one of two distinct categories: relaxed free-ranger or over involved and controlling helicopter. And while much fun can be had satirising the extremes of either parenting style, missing from the discussion has been a deeper analysis of the larger context in which everyday parenting decisions are made ... When I examine my own parenting I find myself veering wildly between the two extremes, the parenting equivalent of the hybrid car.

Why are You Staring at My Children?

By Michelle Higgins - 4th August 2011

There was a time in my parenting life when I was naïve (and possibly arrogant) enough to assume that everybody was as in awe of my small people as I was. This was the Golden Era when I was a new mama and I had eyes for only one little person ...Of late, my sense is more often than not that a growing number of adults view children as an annoyance, something to be tolerated and preferably avoided.

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