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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Proudly Supporting

Children Tell Adults about What Makes Them Feel Happy

By Yvette Vignando - 28th October 2011

“…if I could ask any child what they would like in the world I would definitely ask it. I think it would be interesting to find out what everyone’s ideas are. What they want…” (14-year old girl). When we are asked what we want most for our children, most of us will answer “happiness”. Asking children about what contributes to their feelings of wellbeing reveals some insightful answers to how we can provide that happy life. A study, conducted by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People and published in 2007, highlighted the importance of adults using parenting and educational practices that promote children’s emotional and social well-being.

Problogger Blogging Conference – Parents, Prams, Positives and Perspective

By Yvette Vignando - 24th October 2011

Some of you will have never heard of Problogger, nor of #pbevent (a label given to the blogging conference on Twitter) and so you may have been blissfully unaware of the gathering of some of Australia’s most enthusiastic, experienced and new bloggers in Melbourne on Friday 21st October 2011. And many of you were there with me - catching up with friends, learning and squishing into some of the floor-seating-only popular sessions. It was an energy-filled day ... Although the Problogger conference was not a gathering of parents, because I connect with so many parents online and offline, I wanted to first share with you the Twitter names of some of the beautiful parents I met before and at the event ...

14 Year Old Boy in Custody, Bali - Where's the Compassion?

By Yvette Vignando - 10th October 2011

As our family drove back from a country holiday on the weekend, we heard news on the radio that a 14 year old boy from NSW had been arrested in Bali for allegedly being in possession of a small quantity of marijuana. Our boys are aged 16, 13 and 9, so it was easy for me to make a quick mental leap to the minds of this young man’s parents ... But there was some commentary I saw online today that made me uncomfortable and angry

Family Meal - the Best Spaghetti Bolognese Sauce

By Yvette Vignando - 28th September 2011

If I had to name just one recipe that is a family staple in our house it would be Spaghetti Bolognaise. Or more correctly – Spaghetti Bolognese. Since moving out of home, falling in love with a man of Italian origin and also falling in love with his Italian parents and family here, my version of this essential family dish has been refined to the point that I think I can boastfully say – this Bolognese sauce is as tasty and delicious as I can make it. Here is the recipe.

Operation Smile - Creating a Smile on a Young Girl's Face

By Yvette Vignando - 21st September 2011

This video was shared on Twitter by a lovely friend who, like me, was moved by the moving reaction of a young Brazilian girl after a cleft palate operation. Watch her face when she sees herself in the camera towards the end - it's perfect slice of happiness. Operation Smile is a charity organisation that heals children's smiles - they measure themselves by the joy they see on faces.

Will Your Children be Boomerang Adults?

By Yvette Vignando - 20th September 2011

It is reported that there is a trend towards young adults moving back home to their parents' houses after study or a few years of work. Often this is for financial reasons but there are other good reasons too. This is referred to as the "Boomerang Generation". On Channel 7's The Morning Show Yvette Vignando discusses why this might be happening and some ideas for parents and adult children to make the boomerang experience go smoothly.

I Was Not a Shy Child

By Yvette Vignando - 7th September 2011

I’m quite an outgoing person – not a ‘raving extrovert’ but do I love meeting people, finding out all I can about them, telling them something (okay, a lot) about me, and I thrive in other people’s company. I love talking and chatting and debating – you might’ve already figured that out about me by now. But I don’t fit all the stereotypes of an extrovert ... One of our boys was quite a tentative young man when he was a toddler and young primary school student.

Emmanuel Kelly on the X Factor - Must See Inspiration for all Children

By Yvette Vignando - 1st September 2011

If there is only one video you take the time to watch with your children this week, please let it be this one. Arun Abey who occasionally blogs for this site, shared this video with me today. it features the moving and gorgeous singing performance of Emmanuel Kelly on the Australian X Factor - rescued from an Iraqi orphanage with his brother, Emmanuel and his family demonstrate love, compassion, determination and everything that is good about humanity. I promise you will want to show this video to your children.

A 12 Year Old Drag Queen - Resilience and Fun

By Yvette Vignando - 23rd August 2011

A 12 year old boy in UK entertains his village with "Naughty Nora" character. He does it for fun and his friends think it's cool. Is there really any harm in this? I don't think so as long as it is entertainment and satire and he is not being dressed up seriously in an overly provocative way. I discuss this with Suzanne Mostyn on The Morning Show and share some tips on raising resilient children.

Happiness Comes in Small Packages with a Lizard

By Yvette Vignando - 22nd August 2011

Possibly the shortest blog post I have ever written. I just had to share this picture of a two dollar item that our nine year old was coveting a few weeks ago. A gecko (lizard) in a tyre, holding a flower. What more could you want?