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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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How to Recognise Two Stages to a Tantrum

By Yvette Vignando - 14th December 2011

New research by Professor James Green and colleagues at the University of Connecticut's Department of Psychology finds that, based on sound recordings of children's tantrums, there are two stages to a tantrum. Knowing how to react in these two stages may help parents deal effectively with a toddler's tantrum. Yvette Vignando shared the details on The Morning Show on Channel 7.

Birthday Happiness for Our Ten Year Old, and For Us

By Yvette Vignando - 28th November 2011

This post is filed under "Love:" Last year, perhaps on this very day, I wrote about a surprise birthday present for Mr 8, soon to be Mr 9. We so enjoyed surprising him with his present – and his delight has continued throughout the year so it was absolutely the gift-that-keeps-on-giving. On Friday when we took him out for an advance 10 year old celebration, he told us he is keeping last year’s gift forever, “for the memories”.

Taming the Tantrums - It Starts with Parenting Skills

By Yvette Vignando - 24th November 2011

Yale University Parenting Center is recognised for its invaluable research and support for parents and has recently been spreading the word about some basic parenting skills that will help you to deal with your child's tantrums, and over time, reduce them. Yvette Vignando spoke on The Morning Show on Channel 7 and shared this information - based on over 30 years of research.

Parenting Headlines that are Simply Wrong - Want Better Children?

By Yvette Vignando - 16th November 2011

It was only last night that I was talking to a trusted friend about the inaccuracy and sensationalism in online and offline publications - especially their headlines. As a publisher myself I confess I do find the whole headline 'thing' a challenge. I can laugh at the silly and sensational and even salacious sometimes, even though I hope I will never 'go there' myself. But using headlines that misinform people about research simply for the eye-catching impact - please stop it. Take this one from today as an example: "Revealed - Marriage Breeds Better Children" ...

Is Pocket Money and Cable Television a Key to Your Child's Happiness? Research.

By Yvette Vignando - 10th November 2011

It will sound like a pun but I just don't "buy" this - well not all of it. I love to read research about children's wellbeing and think about its practical application. So headlines about this new UK research caught my eye. For example this one: "Must-have possessions that make a child happy: Why the best things in life aren't always free" ... Researchers for the Children's Society in the UK* surveyed 5500 children about their levels of happiness (also called 'subjective wellbeing') and their access to material goods ...

I Wasn't Going to Write About This

By Yvette Vignando - 7th November 2011

Last week, a Twitter contact shared one of the most horrific videos I have seen in a long time. It was so traumatic that I couldn't watch much more than a few minutes. I didn't retweet it because the vision was so violent that I thought it required a warning. I was also unsure about its origin because the video was dated 2004 yet seemed to have just hit the internet that day. Since then, the video has gone viral.

Beautiful - the Song, the Voice - Stop Bullying

By Yvette Vignando - 4th November 2011

A 12 year old girl videos herself singing Beautiful, and before that, messages from kids about being bullied. Her voice is angelic - enjoy!

How Happy are You Compared with Your Country Average? A Test.

By Yvette Vignando - 3rd November 2011

I had to share this - it's very quick and a bit interesting to compare your results with the rest of your country. A happiness test on Scientific American called "How Happy Are You?" with a table for you to see how your happiness compares with other people in your country and the rest of the world.Positive and negative feelings are measured. I share my results with you too. How did you go and what country are you from?

Listen to Kids - React to Australian Bullying Video

By Yvette Vignando - 2nd November 2011

Earlier this year, very disturbing video was shown of a boy being buWnatllied in an Australian school - the boy fought back - the video was shown all around the world. In a new and powerful video, children in the United States talk about their reactions to this video, how they feel about bullying, what they think adults should do about it. The end of the video sent shivers down my spine - listening to what these children would say to a bully if they could.

Parents Help Young Girls Develop a Positive Body Image

By Yvette Vignando - 31st October 2011

Tonight I read some extracts from a UK School Health Education Unit report called “Young People Into 2011”. The headlines about the report tell us that about one third of primary school girls are missing their meals and are unhappy with their weight. I’m only a little surprised because there’s so much media coverage of teenage girls who are unhappy with their body image.