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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Parenting Trap. Does Your Child's Past Behaviour Predict Future Behaviour?

By Yvette Vignando - 13th March 2012

You may have heard of the phrase “past behaviour predicts future behaviour” - it’s often referred to in the context of job interviews, or in guessing how customers are likely to behave in response to a marketing idea. But do we use this assumption too much when we are parenting or teaching our children? What do you think? I have no basis for asking this question other than my own experience as a parent – and I think I have made this mistake many times. You know … you assume your son or daughter or your student will like or not like something, or will behave or react in a certain way … because that’s how they reacted last time?

Compulsory Viewing Stop Kony - Horrific Abuse of Children

By Yvette Vignando - 7th March 2012

You absolutely must stop for half an hour and watch this movie - after watching, I am sure you will want to take some action. If you care for children, for humanity, please take some time this week and educate yourself about the atrocities being committed against children, formerly in Uganda, and possibly in other areas in Africa. Jason Russell, father of young son Gavin, who also stars in this video, has created an extraordinary film about a man called Joseph Kony, a criminal - the film is called: Kony 2012. It is by Invisible Children. Also read the debate about the film.

Five Years Jail Term for Seeking a Better Education for Your Child?

By Yvette Vignando - 1st March 2012

I thought I’d misunderstood the headline: Homeless Mom Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for “Stealing” Son’s Education. How do you steal someone’s education? Did this mother forge her name on to her son’s graduation certificate, or masquerade as him during his University biology class? No – U.S. mother, Tanya McDowell, simply placed her five year old son in a school district in the United States in which she did not have permanent residence. When I investigated further, I found that the headline was not entirely accurate: McDowell was actually issued with a twelve year sentence, suspended after she serves the first five years.

25 Words Your Toddler Should Know and More

By Yvette Vignando - 21st February 2012

Perhaps intriguingly called "Is Your Child Normal" in this segment on Channel 9 Mornings I talked about a recent conference topic of the 25 basic words most toddlers should know - and then we chatted about some preschool and school readiness issues. Parents should not panic if their toddler does not know how to say all the words on this list but it is interesting to read what Professor Descorla (Professor of Psychology and Director of the Child Study Institute, Yale University) recommends parents look for.

Laptop Shooting - Shaming, Naming and Parenting

By Yvette Vignando - 15th February 2012

...And this week a laptop shooting dad decided to use YouTube and Facebook to punish and humiliate his ungrateful 15 year old daughter for her disrespectful comments about him and his wife, and about all the chores she was expected to do ... I want to briefly comment on two things: Humiliation or shaming of children .... and mainstream and influential media commentators' comments ...

Teenage Love - What Are Your Tips?

By Yvette Vignando - 14th February 2012

On Valentine's Day we talked about what parents can do if their younger child has a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" or their teenager is in love - Yvette Vignando shared some ideas but we bet you have plenty more. How can parents keep the lines of communucation open about what's happening with their child's new romance? And does it matter if a younger child says they have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Watch the video and please let us know what you think?

Beauty Pageant Mom Gives Daughter " Pageant Crack "

By Yvette Vignando - 9th February 2012

You might think the outrage about the Toddlers and Tiaras - type shows has been done to death - but here's something else to think about. A U.S. mother says she gives her young daughter a boost of what's apparently known as ' pageant crack ' to give her the energy needed for the long days of beauty pageants - her daughter says the mixture makes her "hyper". I said the word "concerning" about a million times in this clip - but I really am concerned.

Unisex Toilets in Schools - What Do You Think?

By Yvette Vignando - 3rd February 2012

Two schools in Tasmania have started using standalone unisex toilets as part of a startegy to reduce bullying. But is it really the unisex toilet that is reducing bullying or is it the ease of supervision that is really the answer. Listen to thos discussion and let us know what you think?

When Parents Disagree about How to Raise Children

By Yvette Vignando - 21st December 2011

It's inevitable that parents will sometimes disagree about how to raise their children - from small to large decisions, it's often necessary to compromise to come to a united decision. Avoiding disagreement in front of children is of course also very important - parents constantly clashing over parenting decisions can cause emotional harm to a child.

The Magical World of Believing in Santa

By Yvette Vignando - 19th December 2011

I have just come off a phone call with a close friend who I have known since primary school – after all these years, she revealed to me today that she has a direct line to Santa. Well, her ten year old girl has apparently confirmed this, having noticed that Father Christmas never leaves her any presents under the tree that her parents don’t want her to have ...