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Regular Updates on Parenting, Happy Children & Emotional Intelligence

  • Latest Articles - Raising Children with Emotional Intelligence
  • New Parenting Blogs
  • Parenting Tips for Happy Children
  • Free Online Seminars
  • Popular Parenting Books & Reviews

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Proudly Supporting

Proudly Supporting

Stephane Pois, a Gourmet Pied Piper Inspiring Children

By Carol Duncan - 30th May 2011

Today I saw something wonderful. And unexpected. My kids know about real food. Fresh food. They don't think cakes come from packet mix because Mum says if you're going to have chocolate cake, have a real one. They know how to make dumplings. They've had chooks in their backyard (and will have them again when I build a proper pen ... long story) ... Today at the farmers' market we met Stephane Pois.

Doing Stuff With Your Kids - And Leaving the Washing Behind

By Carol Duncan - 2nd March 2011

My friend, Barney, recently commented on my Facebook page, “Gee you get about!” He was commenting on a photograph of the kids on our most recent weekend away. I admit it had been a busy week. I’d done an overnighter to Sydney for an early morning meeting at the ABC’s head office in Ultimo, I had moderated a business forum thing back home in Newcastle .. and a few other odds and sods on top of doing my daily radio show. Nothing particularly unusual for a week in the life of me.

My Children's Hearts - the Good, the Not So Good and the Resilient

By Carol Duncan - 21st January 2011

...Finding out that BOTH of my lovely boys have a heart issue was an awful shock. I confess I had a couple of rough days with it but we have seen our cardiologist now and know where we stand ... This is what I know. We are resilient. All of us. My little family. My kids. You and your kids. All the people in Queensland whose lives have been turned upside down and inside out by the recent floods. Sometimes things happen to us that we've never imagined. Things both good and bad. We lose loved ones, we gain new people to love. And who love us ...

Our Kids are Clever, or Clever Enough

By Carol Duncan - 2nd December 2010

We all know our kids are clever, right? We all want them to do well, to do the best that they can, to make friends and thrive and grow. I take great pleasure in watching the small (and large) achievements of my two sons, just as this morning my heart stopped a bit when they both slipped into the spray jackets I bought them in the Blue Mountains during our Christmas holiday last year. Last year, these jackets were way too big ... but this year, oh my goodness, they won't be wearing them next year!

There Were 15 Nine Year Olds in My House - A Birthday Party

By Carol Duncan - 31st October 2010

Just the mere mention of a child's birthday party is enough to send me into a sweat. I hate them. No, really...I simply refuse to pay an exorbitant amount of money for themed parties, clowns, face-painters, magicians, musicians, hookers and blow. Not going to happen. I will, however, spend a goodly amount of money on awesome loot bags for all attendees, great food for kids (no fairy bread here, thank you very much), and great food (and wine) for the adults.

Blessings - A Visit with Dainere Anthoney

By Carol Duncan - 20th September 2010

I've written about the beautiful Dainere Anthoney for happychild previously. It is too easy to describe every seriously ill child as 'exceptional', but this young lady truly is. She captured the heart of my Twitter followers and nationwide journalist colleagues some months ago when her wish was to have her personal blog published in book form... Even though I've interviewed Dainere & Yvonne on my radio program, and written about her several times, we had not yet met in person.

Bedtime Rituals, Bedtime Toys, Sleeping Buddies

By Carol Duncan - 23rd August 2010

Just like your kids, my two sons are entirely different individuals in every possible way. One of them loves fish, the other doesn't. One likes jelly snakes, the other likes chocolate. OK, they both like chocolate. One of them loves every conceivable sporting activity, the other likes to read and draw. One of them had a dummy as baby, the other didn't. And likewise the bedtime companion.

Sibling Rivalry - Brothers, Mothers and Manlets

By Carol Duncan - 5th August 2010

Wow, isn't this potentially murky territory? The love/hate relationship we can have with our own flesh and blood...The relationship between my own two sons swings wildly from love to warfare. Sometimes I worry about it; I worry that one day they will only have each other and I desperately hope that nothing comes between them. At least nothing of a permanent nature. They're such different people, as all our kids are I guess.

The Girl Who Gave Me a Rainbow

By Carol Duncan - 7th July 2010

I've done some tough interviews in my 20 year broadcasting career. Politicians, world leaders, superstars, mums, dads, kids, cops, rich, poor ... people with joyous stories to celebrate, people with tragedies to share. For Starlight Day this year, I did an interview with 12 year old Dainere Anthoney. It was both a pleasure and a heartbreak, but to me this is what my job, and my privileged position is all about.

Motherhood and Guilt - Are They Inseparable?

By Carol Duncan - 5th July 2010

I love being a mum and I love working. Trying to combine the two means living with the nagging thought that I'm not giving 100% to either of them. Or the housework. Or my husband. Or my siblings, my father, my friends, my garden, our dogs, the goldfish ... or my job or my kids or myself ... you get the drift.